The Antiquity Fragrance Collection

News of the ''Antiquity'' Fragrance Collection was originally leaked by the New York Daily News on November 17, 2009 in West Coast Bureau Chief Nancy Dillon's article entitled "Perfume's heaven scent: New ''Antiquity'' fragrances based on DNA of dead celebs".

The ''Antiquity'' Fragrance collection was released as a limited engagement collectors series of six celebrity DNA based fragrances created and designed by the genetic codes of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Kate Hepburn and Joan Crawford.

The fragrances were added to the British Perfume Encyclopedia by Perfume Intelligence in December 2009. In early January 2010 My DNA closed the limited engagement of public sales and stored the exclusive fragrance formulations in their vault.

Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Joan, Albert and Kate go to Auction

Carlton Enoch, CEO of My DNA Fragrance, and ECO Health & Beauty recently announced that he will be putting the Antiquity Collection and their fragrance formulations up for auction, which includes the exclusive DNA genetic codes of Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Albert Einstein, Joan Collins and Katharine Hepburn.

About the Auction

The Exclusive “Antiquity” fragrance collection was offered on very limited engagement in 2009 and has not been sold since. Carlton Enoch will auction his private collection of the original 6 fragrances and their fragrance formulations in the first quarter of 2014.

Each fragrance will come with its own certificate of authenticity that it is the exclusive fragrance engineered from the mtDNA of each individual celebrity and a copy of the mtDNA genetic code authenticated by the original analyzing laboratory.

The original fragrance bottles will be verified and witnessed by the auction house and then sealed. Those participating in the auction will be allowed to smell the fragrance swab before the auction.

If you have interest to participate in the auction please feel free to contact

History of My DNA Fragrance and the Birth of the Antiquity Collection

Carlton Enoch, envisioned the concept for a fragrance so exclusive that no two would be alike and began combining the latest in DNA science to engineer genomics with fragrance formulation in 2007. My-DNA-AntiquityMy DNA fragrance became not only the world's first individual specific bespoke signature fragrance, but also the world's first Eco-friendly formulation garnering International Media attention as the most uniquely personal masstige brand available today.

In 2009, Enoch penned a deal with John Reznikoff, founder and President of University Archives, and the Guinness World Record holder for the largest authenticated collection of celebrity hair valued at over $5 million dollars. The mtDNA to be extracted from famous hair follicles from over 100 deceased celebrities engineered the formulation of the My DNA “Antiquity” fragrance collection starting with the coiffures of Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Joan Collins, Albert Einstein and Katharine Hepburn.

Wall Street Journal Interview Reznikoff showcasing his hair collection

What is mtDNA?

281129_mitochondriaIn the case of living customers, the company uses a DNA buccal swab to collect cheek samples for a nDNA analysis, however in the case of these deceased celebrities the mitochondrial DNA analysis is necessary to retrieve the DNA from the hair shaft.

Forensic scientist use Mitrochondrial DNA to identify victims of natural disasters and to resolve Cold Cases because the mitochondria protect the DNA they contain. While the nucleus degrades as the hair shaft hardens during keratinization, cellular mitochondria and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) remain relatively intact, making mtDNA analysis of the hair shaft possible.

To read more on Mitochondrial DNA analysis - click here

Alan Boyle, MSNBCs Cosmic Log
“The venture does use the celebrities'' DNA code, after a fashion, and it does translate that code into a customized scent recipe - so there''s certainly no false advertising. The DNA that's used has absolutely no bearing on what a person smells like, and the DNA itself is not featured in the recipe.”  Posted: Tuesday, November 17, 2009
WPIX-TVs Lolita Lopez
WPIX-TV''s Lolita Lopez in New York aired a special news report on My DNA Fragrance in December 2009 documenting her personal experience during the fragrance creation process.  View video below:

Pleasant is not enough. Unique is the fragrance that brands each person as a true individual. My DNA Fragrance brings revolution to all who crave a monument to personal power.